Finding My Place is a software package that contains six main sections:


You can use the properties database for both sales and lettings - or for one or the other. It’s up to you. The properties database helps you become even more effective at marketing properties to buyers. The Properties Database lets you:

  • Upload new property details to your website
  • Create property brochures, and EPCs
  • Add photos and images of each property
  • Search for properties under categories such as location, price, number of bedrooms, etc.
  • Categorise properties as "green" (live for viewing), "amber" (under offer or let) and "red" (not displayed on the website and not currently available)
  • Keep a full activity history for every property on your  books
  • Upload properties to Rightmove and / or other property portals using a simple-to-use drop-down menu

Showing the Properties Database to prospective sellers or landlords is a great way to win new clients - it demonstrates to them how professionally their instructions will be handled


You can use the Prospects Database to keep comprehensive records of all your prospects. The database makes it easier to access prospect information - and so increases the chances of converting a prospect into a buyer. The Prospects Database lets you:

  • Keep comprehensive prospect records including their interests (sales, lettings, commercial, investment); budget and minimum number of bedrooms
  • Use a property filter to select suitable properties for a  prospect using a wide range of parameters
  • Send selected property details to a prospect with one click of a mouse
  • E-mail or text details of relevant new properties to interested prospects as they become available
  • E-mail all or many prospects with new property details
  • Track which prospects have visited which properties and when

The system lets prospects enter their own details online using a registration form or a viewing request form. When the Prospects Database is running you will suddenly find you are getting enquiries from completely new prospects.

Landlord and Owners:

You can use the Landlord and Owners’ Databases to administer rental properties on behalf of landlords or to sell investment properties on behalf of owners. With the Landlord and Owners’ Databases you can:

Landlord Database

  • Call up details of properties owned by each landlord
  • Keep records of landlords’ contact details
  • Keep copies of full contracts online as PDF files

Owners’ Database

  • Call up details of an owner’s properties that are for sale
  • Keep records of owners’ contact details
  • Hold contact details of owners’ solicitors
  • Keep copies of full contracts online as PDF files

Showing landlords and owners how you will use this sophisticated online management system is a great confidence builder. It shows that you have the tools to handle their property instructions in a fully professional manner. Moreover, the system provides you with a simple on-screen memo pad to keep an online history for each property - ready reference at the click of a mouse if a landlord or owner calls asking for information.

Office Diary:

All authorised staff can use the online diary to make viewing appointments - including when, where and how long the appointment is likely to take. You can view the diary at any time to see who is already committed for a viewing and who is available.

With the online diary you can:

  • Book viewings, linking prospects to properties and the negotiator who will handle the viewing
  • E-mail or text owners and prospects automatically to confirm viewing details
  • Save details of all viewings automatically to property histories so that files are kept up to date
  • Add any extra dates and appointments as required

The online diary simplifies one of the most frustrating tasks in an estate agency - trying to juggle multiple diaries to arrange viewings with available negotiators. This feature alone saves hours of time - not to mention frayed nerves!


You can use the Reminders Database to help you and your staff remember all those things that have to be done by a certain date. The Reminders Database acts like a super-memory for everyone in the office.

With the Reminders Database you can:

  • Generate automatic reminders when contracts must be renewed
  • Generate automatic reminders when gas certificates are due
  • Generate automatic reminders for any other event

 The Reminders Database provides valued peace-of-mind that nothing will be over-looked and makes sure that you will never have to explain to a client why a deadline was missed.

Website CMS:

You can use the Website Control Panel to enter new content on to you website or to edit or delete old content. In short, the Website Control Panel puts you in charge.

With the Website Control Panel, you can:

  • Create website pages such as "About us", "Information", "Landlords", "Terms & Conditions" and more
  • Select featured properties which are automatically displayed on the website home page
  • Provide a location map so that prospects can easily find your offices

The Website Control Panel is especially designed so that somebody without specialised computer knowledge can keep the website and databases up-to-date. The Panel enables you to manage and run a website and fully-featured estate agency and/ or letting agency computer system without the need for a computer expert in the office.

What estate agents say about Finding Your Place...

"It is so easy that anyone could use it. I have estimated that the package is saving at least two hours a week. New properties are now available in minutes. I highly recommend Finding Your Place." - Tony Jackson, Gavin Wood Estate Agents, Eastbourne

"I would just like to thank you for your efforts in producing the website. I am delighted with the result, and look forward to working with you as the site and system settles in to our day-to- day regime. The staff in the office, who are not computer literate in any way, are surprised and enamoured with the simplicity of loading properties, and I’m sure that as their confidence grows in their ability to use the system, they will find it even easier to use as time goes on."- Andrew Burnett, Burnett’s Estate Agents in Mayfield, East Sussex

What else do you need to know?

Developer: Finding Your Place is developed and maintained by Worldwide Webdesign Ltd, an experienced firm of web designers and computer consultants.

Equipment: In most cases, you will be able to run Finding Your Place on your existing computers. Usually, no extra equipment is needed.

Security: Finding Your Place has been designed with a high level of security in mind. You can give staff their own secure log-ins and prevent access to sensitive information by unauthorised staff. This also prevents unauthorised changes to or deletion of information.

Price: There is an installation fee (which includes staff training) and a monthly rental fee. These are dependent on which elements of Finding Your Place you want to use. We have set out to make Finding Your Place affordable for independent estate agents and letting agents.